Why We Use WordPress?

why we use WordPress

We talked about WordPress before, but we never mentioned why we use WordPress to build our website. In this article, we are going to explain why we use WordPress on all of our websites.


WordPress is Open Source and Free

WordPress is an open-source program that has been free to all users since 2003. Open-source is software that has been developed by others. WordPress has a large community that is involved in software development from the initial phase through to its production phase. Which makes it reliable and decreases both development time and costs for our clients


WordPress is adaptable and enables us to make any kind of websites

WordPress is often misunderstood as a tool for creating blogs or news websites. WordPress was initially designed as a blogging platform in the past, but this has changed with each release.

So, besides that, WordPress is one of the fastest and professional ways to start a blog and it also can make almost any type of website.

When it comes down to the question, “What can we build with WordPress?” There are many answers, but these are the most popular websites we can create with WordPress.

  • Blogs
  • Business websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Sites for members
  • Forums
  • Portfolios
  • eLearning Websites
  • Rating websites
  • Wiki Websites
  • Websites for Q&A
  • Chat Room Websites
  • Galleries Websites
  • Personal websites
  • Sites for Jobs
  • Listing websites
  • Review Websites
  • Non-Profit Organization Websites
  • Media Centers Websites
  • Websites for Auction
  • There’s more…


Fully Customizable and Scalable

WordPress themes, plugins, and widgets are great tools for building and maintaining websites. However, all these features can be difficult to scale up. Let’s discuss each one and show you how to scale up your website functionality.

Themes are the foundation of your website design. Your website’s theme will define the colors, font types, logo places, and pages such as home, about, terms, and other important information. There are many themes available to help you create a unique website that is beautiful and fresh and in order to make each of our designs unique, we develop themes internally.

Next, there are plugins that control the functionality of your website. There are many plugins that help us build a functional website. These plugins range from plugins for SEO and contact forms to more complex ones such as plugins to create an e-commerce shop.

Widgets are last but not least. These widgets are tiny pieces that can help you improve your website’s user experience. WordPress excels in scaling.


WordPress is Easy to Manage

As we mentioned previously, WordPress is used by millions of people, one of the reasons for that, that it makes it easy for us to manage your website ins and outs and even helps you manage it yourself if you wish so.


SEO Friendly

WordPress has built-in SEO software that automatically generates title tags and meta descriptions for all pages and posts. This allows search engines to identify your content and index it well. It also improves the rankings.

As with every detail in WordPress, some plugins and tools offer advanced SEO features, such as Yoast SEO plugin which is one of our favorite plugins for SEO.



WordPress is an incredible and comprehensive CMS to use for your online presence. Let us handle building and maintaining your website so you can focus on growing your business. Check out our web design offers here.