Web Hosting in Egypt

web hosting in Egypt

Web Hosting Definition

If a hosting company assigns space on a server to store its data, they host a site. Hosts make the documents that make up a website (code images, code, etc.) accessible for online viewing. All websites you’ve ever visited are hosted by servers.

The amount of space available to a server for a website is determined by the kind of hosting. The primary kinds of hosting include dedicated, shared VPS, shared, and reseller. They differ by the type of technology utilized for the server, as well as the degree of management that is offered, as well as the additional services available.
In essence, Web hosting is leasing or purchasing space to host websites on the World Wide Web. Website content like HTML, CSS, and images need to be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed online.

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What is a Server exactly?

Servers are computing device which connects other internet users to your website across the globe. The name implies that web hosting service providers provide access to servers and connectivity and other services required to host websites. Through offering a variety of hosting plans covering the full range of hosting requirements, including small blogs as well as large corporations.


If you’re thinking of creating your own online business, secure web hosting is vital. There are hundreds of web hosting providers available in the present, offering a variety and web hosting options. Plans are available for free, with limited options, too costly web hosting solutions specifically designed for businesses. The choice of plan you select will be determined by how you will utilize your website, as well as the much you’ve budgeted for hosting.


Selecting the appropriate hosting plan is about getting the best amount of resources that will ensure that your website is loading fast and consistently for your visitors. Consider how many companies today operate mostly online. The majority of their leads and sales come directly from their websites. If someone visits the site, but there’s something wrong with it — it is slow to load or doesn’t display at all, prospective customers will not sit around. They’ll move on to find one that’s working properly and will provide what they’re looking for quickly and seamlessly.


If you’re a novice to running websites web hosting, and its associated lingo may be a confusing topic. A lot of novice webmasters have used the cheapest solution or something that is included in purchasing a domain with the false impression that the hosting options are all identical.

Web hosting occurs when files that comprise websites are transferred via a local PC to the webserver. The server’s resources (RAM space, hard drive space as well as bandwidth) are assigned to the websites that are using it.


The distribution of server resources is different based on the hosting plan selected. To select the most suitable hosting plan, first, you have to distinguish between the plans offered. This needn’t be difficult. For non-technical users, we can use a straightforward analogy: Selecting web hosting is similar to looking in search of office space.


Web Hosting Types

Apart from the design of the office you choose to use, there are other factors to consider. How easy are the rooms to access, what features they provide (extras like high-speed Internet, a whiteboard, and many other amenities), and where are they located, as well as the total price. These aspects will determine your requirements and assist you in determining which office will be best for you. Let’s look at these web hosting types to determine the best web hosting plan for your needs.


Shared Hosting

shared hosting is similar to renting a desk in a noisy, busy open-plan office, as well as co-working spaces. It comes with all modern conveniences, including an internet connection, a desk as well as some stationary. You have to share your space with coworkers, including printing equipment, the kitchen, and the bathroom. It is not possible to make any modifications to the area, such as adding whiteboards or other whiteboards. This is an option that is popular for small-scale websites but is not suitable for large-scale commercial projects.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Small-sized businesses can be able to benefit from renting an office in a business park. With a VPS system, users are separated from one another. There are neighbors. However, you’re not dependent on them. You are able to make changes (customizations) however you want and set up your workstation in your own way.


Dedicated Server

Hosting an entire office building is similar to hosting an entire office building on the entire office building is comparable to hosting on a hosting an entire office building is comparable to hosting on a. It’s more expensive and ideal for websites that are looking for reliability and speed. Since you own the entire space, you’ll have more control over configurations and ample space, but it’s not worth the investment when you’re not going to make use of the space that comes with it.


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Domain hosting and Web hosting

When you’ve purchased the domain name and the files that contain the content of your website (HTML CSS, images, HTML databases, etc.).) must be stored in a space that is linked to the Internet, which is the webserver. After the website’s data is transferred to a hosting company’s web server and then the hosting provider is accountable for the delivery of the files to the users.

Hosting is the process of making websites available to users to browse through their internet browser. But how does it work? Domain name systems (DNS) assure that the web browsers connect to the correct computer (server) which stores the website’s files.


Web Hosting In Egypt

Well, the terminology of web hosting in Egypt is not quite famous, a lot of people don’t know what web hosting is and how it works, but in this article, we are trying to explain more and introduce these services in Egyptian society. If you are a start-up, we recommend you to try the shared hosting plans; it is perfect for new businesses and got a suitable price. After this, you may upgrade to VPS hosting. In Egypt, most of the CEOs and business managers know web hosting as a general thing, but they cannot deal with its details or deal with cPanel details. Further in our article, we will explain more about how to use web hosting.


Best Web Hosting Companies

  1. Godaddy
  3. Hostgator
  4. Bluehost


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That is when someone types your web address into their browsers; their computer is connected via the Internet to the server that holds your website’s files. It discovers the IP address of your domain (where it’s located in the system for domain names) and then directs users to the correct site. The browser’s display will show your website’s information (all the data that make your website) to allow them to navigate your pages at any time.